About the world of to BEast

I uploaded a new video onto YouTube that explains a little bit about the World of to BEast. You can take a look at it here:

Welcome to the first video of to BEast, of this first story that we are going to create together!
Now to begin I wanted to talk a bit about the world where this story is taking place in.


So the world this story is taking part in ain’t too different from ours.There are people and animals and everything just as in our world.
The world is also roughly the same size but there are less people. Just about 2 to 3 billion people.
So all the cities and town are naturally also a bit smaller.

The story will start in this town here, in this place here that I am drawing in this video.
It actually does not yet have a name. I was searching for a suitable name but couldn’t find one.
Why don’t you help me and write in the comments below how we shall call this town.
The name has to be something fresh, something new due to the fact that this town is actually pretty new itself. Or better that just recently they started to build many more houses in this town.
So feel free to write your ideas in the comments below!

Now as mentioned, the town just recently started to expand more because the beast that controls or rules the forests in this region went silent for quite a while now.
This also is due to the fact of a pair of wandering searchers that helped to protect the city with various stones.

These searchers also told the people of the town to not go too deep into the woods and put up signs along the paths in the woods to show which are safe and where they should not go any further to not draw attention from the beast.

The searchers also re-built a big monument on a hill near the city.
On top is a big Nigrum Stone inside the monument that kind of works as a shield and defends the town from any beasts that want to get in from this side. There are two more on the other sides.. Not visible in this picture..
The monument did crash down a while ago and the few people from the town were not able to reerect it before beasts did come and destroy it again.
But due to the help of the searchers they could now finally rebuild it and so the town lies in peace again.