Day 84 – 72 #86daystillstormblood

The art challenge is still going on but it shifted a bit! Let me explain please!

For the first ten days I made videos for each picture and you can still find them on my YouTube channel. However the views were below what I hoped to achieve. After the first few videos getting moderate views it sank to a low that I don’t really want to mention. I’ll link all the videos down here in the article.

This was one of a few reasons why I decided to move the challenge away from YouTube. Spending time on cutting the videos and making voice over and everything without getting any people to watch it is just really upsetting and demotivating.
Also the other video series did suffer from me not having enough time to cut them and upload them to YouTube.

So because of that, the challenge is now only running on instagram, twitter and tumblr. So make sure, that you follow me there to get the latest updates till stormblood!

Last but not least, here the latest recap of the videos and pictures I made, 84 to 72 days to go!