What will go on in 2018?

This year will be a busy one with lots of changes. Quite some are forced upon me and I just have to accept them, others I am making myself.

The first one is that I will write more here. Not every day, but sure more than just a video a month. I recently got back into writing a little more and actually like it. So I want to take this tool here, this blog, and wrote more here as well.
With these writings, there will also be some change to the layout and structure of the blog. I do not yet know what and how I will tackle them yet. The layout might change only slightly or drastically.. all depending really on my mood XD

Then I was working on starting a carer with various online publishings. But the internet does not wait for me to finish my preparations and thus all backfired a lot faster than I could handle.


If you’re following creators online a little you did hear about the big changes patreon wanted to make to the payment model. And how it aroused thousands of creators and supporters resulting in a stop of the changes they did want to force on the users. All these changes would’ve also had impact on me and what I wanted to build there.
Because of all of this I am actually no longer really planing on releasing anything on patreon. Their behaviour showed me that a steady income is not safe there.


An alternative to patreon could be Gumroad. I am currently looking at what it offers and if I could use it to start what I would like to do. It is not yet set but it’s more and more likely that I’ll go there. OR…


I am actually also just thinking about abandoning all these web services and just start everything here. Sure it will be hard to get people to visit this site here. Yet if I am able to offer “enough” reasons to come here it might will work.
Whatever it will be in the end, you will hear it here first so stay here and you’ll know everything anyway!

YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

As already written in a previous blog post, the YPP will end. Check here what that means and what I think about it. SPOILER: it’s not as bad as it may sounds at first.


My current job as IT-Specialist will soon come to an end. Not because I want that but because my company thinks, they no longer need our team. So I am looking for a new job. I’d love to stay at my current company and do different tasks but they don’t seem like they want any of our team anymore. Looks like personal reasons from the bosses at top.
So I’ll soon have to find a new job now but don’t really know in which direction I want to go. There are lots of things I’d love to do but I lack either the experience or the proper education. And to get the education I need money which I can only get when I have a job 😀 You see the problem here too right?

Current projects and my drawing tablet

During inktober I started a quick manga which is still missing the last chapter. I wanted to get that out fast in November.. yet my drawing tablet decided to stop working and I was not able to replace it until today!
Also I wanted to NOT make it traditional on purpose to show what I can do digitally. That’s why you didn’t see anything yet..
The script is done, now I just have to make the art and then throw it out to you! I really hope I can do this fast.

Also there are a few people waiting on art that I promised creating for them (free) and they should soon now also get some info from me~ sorry for the wait.

Commissions are currently empty and the form here on this site is only partially finished. I’m not yet really happy with the pricing and it is the big problem for me. If I really wanted to earn enough money to life off of it, you’d have to pay a fortune for just simple sketches already. Living here is really, really expensive. And no one wants to pay a fortune for my art (yet). But going low prices means it would just be a hobby and could never replace my job. A hobby where I spend a lot of time, have a lot of pressure to finish things in time and that in the end might not make me happy because of restrictions I set myself.
So commissions will probably be closed for a lot longer until I find a way how to really do things so they actually are worth enough for the person that ordered them and for me to make enough of a living off of them. Stay tuned! 😀

Then there is a new manga project that I started on patreon and that I want to follow.. I’ll make it a one shot I think.. just because it is too scary to make it longer. I’m already shivering just thinking about it…
All in all I do want to make lots of small stories in the near future to improve on art and storytelling before I go to my BIG story and will start it properly.
Make sure to follow me here and you will not miss any new story! Hopefully with either pateron or gumroad I will be able to find a way that will let you get involved as well.

Okay I think that’s enough for now. There is lots more to write but this blog entry is already way too long anyway. I don’t think anyone will ever read until here XD but I wanted to get that all out of me :3

Thanks and till soon!
Miingno aka Andy