Job search and Privacy

Yes I am still here and doing as much as I can! Let me give you an insight to what was going on since the last post below the cut~

New Job?… not yet…

The search for a job is tedious. The current workplace just takes up way too much of my energy every day that I barely manage to stay awake when I’m back home. Hopefully by next week it will calm down a bit again when my colleague is back from being away for more than a month and I can finally start working on the finishing of my current job and start the search for a new one… So far the only thing I did was starting to work on new projects and tasks despite the fact that I must leave my workplace in two months time.

On one side I’d love to stay and help because there’s just so much work still open that I fear it will go terribly wrong when four people of our staff will “suddenly” be gone at the same time – but they don’t let me stay…
On the other side I want to go and just let them run into the trouble and make them pay for it in some way or another. It is kind of their own fault to fire all these people and not thinking about what it actually means in terms of pro- or rather regression.
Maybe it will work out for my current company and they actually manage to handle it! However I do not really see a way they should be able to do so. At least not with huge struggles for many months or even years to come.


What I managed to do to look for new jobs is to start / update my work profiles on LinkedIn and XING. Both still need a lot of attention sure, but it’s a start in the right direction.

I also did do some courses as much as my budget allowed it. I am good at working with almost all Microsoft and Adobe related software now and have a good basic understanding of programming.

There are many different paths I would love to take. From IT to Gaming to Multimedia to Art, everything sounds interesting! But in almost none of these themes I have working experience or the needed “real” education most companies ask for.

And for international businesses there’s the problem of payment… Switzerland is crazy about the money part…. Did you know, two of the three most expensive cities on earth to life in are in Switzerland? The amount of money you need every month just to pay rent, mandatory insurance, taxes, water, electricity, etc. is ridiculously high! And basic things like phone and internet also are pricey. And then you still didn’t eat anything and food here is obviously expensive too..

So as much as I’d love to do freelance work, even on international scale, I am just not able to earn enough money to pay my basic bills as it is right now. No one would hire me for the amount I have to ask because no one would pay that much for a person that’s not a professionally trained expert in whatever they ask you to do.

I still have some months to look for work and then I’ll hopefully will have a solution. It shouldn’t be that hard many say but it (non-)surprisingly is…

Privacy Policy

Last time I mentioned to write more here and then didn’t post anything now for a few weeks… BUT that doesn’t mean I didn’t write new text for this website here at all! One thing I had to write were the Privacy Policies.

Due to a new European law, EVERY website where potentially European people could visit, needs to now have Privacy Policies fitting the new laws. Well, they need it by May but better be early and have it done sooner than later. So I started updating all my websites (of which there are a few) with fitting texts and build up the necessary measures in the background to fulfil what I have to by law.

YouTube is joking again.. or just really slow

Oh and one funny thing at last. I wrote last time that YouTube will throw me out of the Partner Program because of not enough followers and views each year. A few weeks ago I then suddenly get a “Congratulations” message telling me I finally had reached 100 subscribers!! WOW.. That was years ago I did that and just now YT realises and approves it?.. Very quick system they have XD
I’m still waiting for my “Congratulations” for having a channel for more than 10 years. That will probably not come before it is 20 years old XD