Weekly Shonen Jump Reviews on Twitter

This is a bit of a plug for sure yet I hope to be able to engage in more conversations on twitter this way.
As some may know, I love manga and in particularly the shonen jump series. Currently there are some amazing series going on, both in story and in art. As usual in manga, there is more than meets the eye and the hidden details need to be discovered, which nowadays happens a lot on twitter (other places available but I want to plug twitter here ;D). You can find my tweets at @Miingno.

One amazing source is the translator for My Hero Academia and Dr. Stone Caleb Cook (@CDCubed) who each weeks gives some background info and trivia about what he did have to translate for this weeks chapter.

Or check out Brandon Bovia (@brandonbovia) with his insights in translating and lettering and editing.

And obviously I also love to point things out~

There are more obviously but I might just not know about them. So hit me up on twitter or comment here and tell me where you should also follow!

And as always I say, use the official sources (if available in your country) for these amazing manga to support the artists that create them! Without people that actually buy these manga, there won’t be any more chapters! So go and support the creators with a few bucks!