It’s too hot here.. and what else happened lately

Since the latest post about the Drumming Festival a lot of things have happened. Quick summary of a few of these things here just for anyone who was wondering! Biggest change surely is the new job that really kicked off now! More rambling about me below the cut including some BloodMoon pictures!! 😀

As I mentoined a few times, I was fired from the old one due to outsourcing. Well it happens. I’m sad, sure, but what can you do? Nothing really :< I work in IT and luckily it’s easy to find a new job. Still it took time and energy.

Due to all that job stuff (plus some private matter) and the stress that came with it all I did gain quite some weight again. I gain weight very easily, even faster in stress situations. But luckily I can lose it fairly easy again as well if I really want.

And losing weight is something I wanna do! For a while I do no longer feel comfortable with that gut in front of me. There are dozens of pants, shirts and even underwear in my wardrobe that I didn’t wear for over a year because they no longer fit me and I’d love to wear them again. Also on recent photos I simply look fat and I don’t like me looking like that XD
So since the beginning of July I’m on a strict diet which already melted roughly 10 kg / 22 pounds and it’s still going on! Sounds like a lot but the start is always fast with all the “water weight” disappearing. The next weeks will be slower.
My first target is to be back below the “normal” 25 BMI by mid August which for me means 5 kg in a bit less than a month still to go. A reasonable amount I think. And yes, “back below” it because that’s what I was at last year in mid August.
After that I hope to lose some more and be a bit below the 22.5 BMI mark. But that might not work due to my body shape.. I’m a bit tall and wide and stuff.. so well I don’t know 😀 I’ll see!

New Job also meant to change my habits a bit. Have to get up earlier in the morning because the new workplace is a bit further away than my old and I am back home a bit later than before too obviously.
Additionally it’s vacation season and many people are on vacation here. Because I started fresh, I’m not “supposed” to go on vacation in the first three months and thus I do work almost two shifts in a row instead of just one. That additional work however will soon finish as the rest of the team is back from their vacation.

More work however also means less free time. That’s why you didn’t get any new art or updates from me lately. I just was always deadly tired in the evening due to the new and longer work as well as the diet that’s obviously also tearing at my reserves.. Which it is supposed to XD
And don’t even get me started on the too hot weather here in Europe at the moment. That also takes its toll. We all long for a nice long rain time.

There are more things that happened obviously, but they’re private or family matter so I’m not going to talk about them here 😛 Just know this, LOTs more happened XD
I’m still up and running!

(Nice side effect of the new work is that they pay me A LOT more than my previous job. Therefore I started to support more artists patreon and through other ways and still have money left for me to enjoy! Yey!)

And to finish this rambling and update, I also had to take a try at making #BloodMoon pictures. You might already did see my two twitter posts and if not, here they are for you to enjoy!