My Resolutions for 2019?

There are none and let me explain why.

Setting resolutions starting at the first of the new year is something that I don’t like to do. In fact I don’t like to say “I start this next week” or “I start this next month” or similar.
To me, if you want to change your habits, why wait until day X to start? Why not start right away? Delaying a habit change to a later date already proves to me, that you don’t want to change your habits.

However if it’s something that is depended on the calendar cycle and doesn’t involve a change oh habit, then I’m totally fine with a “resolution” or similar.

Therefore I did not set any habit changing resolutions for 2019 starting at the 1st of January. But I did start a very simple journal where I note how my day and night was. Just to see if my health and mental health is doing fine.
I didn’t have that idea myself but got it from this tweet here. I’ll post my calendar in a few days when I have some data on it already and will also show what I did for “night” tracking.

And I did start to do some more exercises, but not on the 1st of January. I did start this already earlier because I thought “Hey, let’s start now”.
And I also started to eat a bit “healthier”, not on the 1st but earlier as well.
AND both of these I did keep up until today. Not as resolutions, just as new habits ;D