Year in Pixel – first sneak peek

As mentioned in my last post, I did start a sort of journal this year after seeing this nice tweet that a friend sent me:

Now some days / weeks have passed and it’s slowly starting to fill up! That’s why I wanted to give a little peek into how it looks so far:

2019 in Pixel – Day

Firstly here one square (pixel) per day. As you can see, last week was a bit stressful… But the last few days I could relax and get my energy back.

Now when I decided to do this journal I thought, why only track the day? I could also do the same thing for the night! And so I did!

2019 in Pixel – Night

But why stop there?! During the night I also dream! So I decided to make another TWO for my dreams!

2019 in Pixel – Dream

On the left you see what kind of dream it was and on the right if it was in colour or b/w. I had to add the “I can’t remember” option because I genuinely couldn’t remember it anymore the morning after the 4th of January. Other than that, all colour dreams for me which I am always really happy about.

Now you know how my year started. It was already turbulent yet I hope it will continue this way as is actually fun to be challenged from time to time ^^/
Well, just maybe not exactly like what happened on the 10th. of January…
Better don’t ask XD