How stress changed my sleep

Sleep-tracking is something I am doing for a while. Together with my Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Sleep as Android tracks my sleep cycles pretty accurately I think. A recent update gives even better results for REM sleep.

Now during the last few weeks my work got a lot more stressful. I don’t want to go into too much of a detail about it. It’s just loads more work. And this new workload did impact my sleep quite a bit which also is visible in the sleep tracking!

Here some records that are only a week apart.

You can see on the left how much less deep sleep (the lowest dark green area) there is compared to light and REM-sleep which is dream inducing.
On the right however a lot more deep sleep because I needed that sleep to recover from the hard work days. Also on the right, I woke up every day in the middle of the night (the light bar). I didn’t have trouble falling back asleep, but it obviously didn’t help the recovering.

By the way I am mentioning REM-sleep because that week there on the left, I did dream SO MUCH STUFF it was amazing D: Lots of crazy and amazing things sure, but so vivid and detailed! I still remember it even two weeks later!
But what I did dream last week got erased off my memory really quickly. The dreams were also a lot less vivid and often of a sad nature.

What is this for? Well I personally really like sleep tracking as it shows me very clearly if something’s wrong. This time I knew before I checked these logs but other times it might be something unconscious that’s bugging me.

Sleep is important and dreaming is wonderful! And I want to have amazing dreams~