Starlight Celebration 2016 – scenery appreciation

From the deepest parts of my heart I want to thank the creators of the Starlight Celebration for the amazing scenery they gifted us with again this year.
I wanted to create a video that shows as many of the gorgeous places and cutest little details as possible. All the hard work that was put into this was worth it and it’s so relaxing and festive to walk through the cities and housing areas.

Thank you and happy Starlight Celebration!

Music: Starlight Celebration / 星芒祭
Artist: Nobuo Uematsu / 植松伸夫

Material Usage Licence is located here:

Vlog Catch-up and Schedule

Finally during the last week and at the weekend I could catch up with my vlogs. Here the last two of that last week catch-up run!

And now that all is told, here a sneak peek of the new video-schedule I worked out for this month. Looks boring and I probably won’t be able to get the inktober redrawings out on tuseday every week… but still, a plan is a plan!
And yes, there are a few things blurred out on purpose. They are just some additional information for me and I don’t want to reveal them to you yet ;D


R’pondhao Fummi, Serp Naimad, Kistenian Haillenarte – Surprise InGame FFXIV Drawings

I thought to get this thing rolling, I gotta do another surprise drawing as quickly as possible. So here already the second installment! This time featuring three characters who were idle and just standing around almost begging to be drawn.

Again, if any of you three that I did draw wants to get their sketch finalized, let me know and I will give it a go!


Packet Loss and Shady Leo – Surprise InGame FFXIV Drawings

This is something I wanted to do for a while and now finally had some time to try it out: Surprise InGame Drawings! So basically I just log into a MMO and draw whoever I can find while filming the whole thing!

Now because my drawings normally take hours to get finished I only do some basic sketches. If the person I did draw notices these videos and sees the sketches, they can contact me ingame and ask for the full picture. Then I will finish the sketches, upload the time lapse video and send the finalized picture to the person I did draw. So simple the rules!

For the first time I did do this I selected two Lalafell who were just idle standing around. Packet Loss and Shady Leo are the two character names and here see me draw them!