Weekly Shonen Jump Reviews on Twitter

This is a bit of a plug for sure yet I hope to be able to engage in more conversations on twitter this way.
As some may know, I love manga and in particularly the shonen jump series. Currently there are some amazing series going on, both in story and in art. As usual in manga, there is more than meets the eye and the hidden details need to be discovered, which nowadays happens a lot on twitter (other places available but I want to plug twitter here ;D). You can find my tweets at @Miingno.

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Making my first Android App – How the heck does signing work?

For a long time I had that idea about an Android App specifically for Drumming here in Switzerland. A lot of the resources we use in practice, rehearsal and training are only available in print form as physical books. Some are only available online on websites that don’t work properly on smartphones or tablets. And many practices are only known by a few people without any documentation how they might work. There had to be a common solution that could bring together these different types of media and knowledge into one service.

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Now officially looking for a new job! So yes, I’m available!

After a few debates and put offs it is now official, that there is no new employment possible at my current workplace. This means I lost a month due to promises that would keep my spirits up. Happens I guess? Well now more than ever I’ll get right into the search for new jobs!

So yes, I’m available!

It is a bit a risky move, true, but I thought hey, let’s just put my CV online here as well! So if anyone may would stumble upon this and sees this, they already would have some information about me and my skills:

Currently only available in German: CV

I’l keep everyone updated!

What will go on in 2018?

This year will be a busy one with lots of changes. Quite some are forced upon me and I just have to accept them, others I am making myself.

The first one is that I will write more here. Not every day, but sure more than just a video a month. I recently got back into writing a little more and actually like it. So I want to take this tool here, this blog, and wrote more here as well.
With these writings, there will also be some change to the layout and structure of the blog. I do not yet know what and how I will tackle them yet. The layout might change only slightly or drastically.. all depending really on my mood XD

Then I was working on starting a carer with various online publishings. But the internet does not wait for me to finish my preparations and thus all backfired a lot faster than I could handle.

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Good Bye YouTube Partner Program (for now)

Maybe you’ve already heard of it, maybe you didn’t: YouTube is changing it’s Partner Program (YPP) so that only channels with 4,000 hours of watch-time within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers will be able eligible to be in it.
As of today my channel “only” has around 560 hours and 252 subscribers. Therefore I will loose my YPP within 30 days from now which, to be frank, is not a big problem for me at this point. The reasons are simple and I actually am happy about this change in some way.

YouTube (YT) so far allowed monetising really early after creating your account. Many accounts are in this YPP and will never see any money at all, only using up resources. To be fair, my account is the same here. It is too small to actually generate enough for a payout most ofthe time and only makes tons of data that will never really be worth looking at. The few 0.01$ that it rarely creates are getting stored on my AdSense account and then create lots of data there. It’s basically ripping away money from YT slowly without anyone actually getting profit out off it. Not YT, not the YouTuber. And the brands which’s ads got shown will lose their investment to an audience that isn’t be big enough for them to actually wanting to be noticed by.

In the end a lot of people profit by this change. Eligible channels should be able to earn more as there is now more money around which doesn’t disappear in the thousands of mini channels out there. Brands that pay for ads will automatically have a more steady group of people seeing their ads. YT won’t lose money and resources to mini channels that will never make the big (or small) jump.

Sure I am sad that my channel will lose my YPP membership. But knowing how much you do earn at my current size I do not really miss it right now. Once it is big enough and I’m back above the threshold I’ll apply for it right away another time and hopefully won’t lose it again!