New Theme 2017

And with the latest update of the blogging software I’m using here (WordPress) they also released the annual new theme. And boy I liked this one to be honest!

twentyseventeen is the name and I’m still exploring all the great customization options they implemented into this. So the website will change a bit in case of looks in the next few days and weeks I guess until I am satisfied again. Sorry for that ;P

Also I will soon do a giveaway! Better subscribe to my YouTube Channel to not miss the great stuff I’ll hand out! Seriously!

Vlog Catch-up and Schedule

Finally during the last week and at the weekend I could catch up with my vlogs. Here the last two of that last week catch-up run!

And now that all is told, here a sneak peek of the new video-schedule I worked out for this month. Looks boring and I probably won’t be able to get the inktober redrawings out on tuseday every week… but still, a plan is a plan!
And yes, there are a few things blurred out on purpose. They are just some additional information for me and I don’t want to reveal them to you yet ;D


Becoming a YouTuber in one Year! Countdown START!

Yes you did read the title correctly. I want to become a YouTube in one year (from now on)! The goal to become one was set long time ago as I always mentioned. But now a countdown started at my workplace and in about a year I’ll loose my job and will need something new.
Everything is explained in the following video! Top one is in English, bottom in German.


Soon it will be October which means InkTober is almost here!
What are the rules of inktober?

1) Make a drawing in ink
2) Post it online
3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2016
4) Repeat

Everything you need to know can also be found here:

And for you all I made a playlist where I’ll upload all my inktober drawings into! Have fun!

to BEast Video Playlist

I created playlists for both English and German language for all the video of to BEast that are already available in order to find them quicker and easier.
I’ll add new videos to the playlist once I upload them to keep it up to date as we go on!



R’pondhao Fummi, Serp Naimad, Kistenian Haillenarte – Surprise InGame FFXIV Drawings

I thought to get this thing rolling, I gotta do another surprise drawing as quickly as possible. So here already the second installment! This time featuring three characters who were idle and just standing around almost begging to be drawn.

Again, if any of you three that I did draw wants to get their sketch finalized, let me know and I will give it a go!